Rocky Mountain Classical Academy

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Rocky Mountain Classical Academy
District Falcon School District 49
Zone iConnect Zone
Coordinates 38° 54' 4.5756", -104° 41' 11.3712"
Address 4620 Antelope Ridge Drive
City Colorado Springs
State Colorado
Phone 719-622-8000
School Information
Type primary school
Charter Yes
Established 2006
Principal Christianna Fogler
Asst. Principal
Grades K-8
Enrollment 746 (2013-2014)

Rocky Mountain Classical Academy in iConnect Zone, located at 1710 Piros Drive in Colorado Springs, opened its doors in August 2006 and exists to support parents in developing citizens of integrity and character who are equipped with a strong knowledge base and academic skills. The school prides itself in high rigorous standards for all students in the academy and maximum learning opportunities for all enrolled students through the solid, sequenced, and specific curriculum of the core knowledge program. Educators provide opportunity for the students to apply analytical thinking skills, built upon a solid foundation of knowledge by using instruction in logic, rhetoric and inductive reasoning.[1]


The school uses core knowledge curriculum in kindergarten through 8th grade. Because it offers a coherent plan that builds year-by-year, it helps prevent the many repetitions and gaps in instruction that can result from open-ended curricular guidelines. In addition to the core knowledge sequence, the curriculum is enriched and enhanced with textbooks, literature, logic, rhetoric, music and art history, writing, Spanish and health instruction. Intensive, systematic phonics will be issued to teach beginning reading, with the goal of having students read literature as quickly as possible. Students begin learning Latin in third grade to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the English language.


The school offers extracurricular activities at the elementary, middle school and high school campuses. The elementary campus offers activities such as beginning band, choir, art club, cup stacking, track and jump rope. The middle school and high school campus offers activities such as band, choir, beginning strings, track and basketball.


A Parent-Teacher Organization is active at the elementary campus and an active athletic and academic booster club at the middle school and high school. PTO and booster clubs provide financial support to school projects chosen by the membership, in cooperation with the officers, teachers and committees. Both the PTO and booster clubs are advocates for the school’s mission, vision and goals.


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