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Falcon Zone[edit]

Falcon Zone has a strong tradition that dates back to 1900. That tradition carries on today with five highly successful schools. Falcon Zone offers the following programs: Academy of Health Sciences, Academy of Finance, Academy of Information and Technology, Air Force JROTC, FBLA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, Link Crew, National Honor Society, Student-to-Student program and many others. The zone offers more than 20 advanced placement and CU Succeed classes. Its schools have performed very well on CSAP and ACT. Falcon Zone prides itself on offering students a sound, fundamental and comprehensive education.[1]

Falcon High School[edit]

Falcon High School, the oldest high school in District 49, was founded in 1900. During the 2007 school year, students and staff moved into a new, eco-friendly, technologically enhanced building at 10255 Lambert Road in Peyton. It's complete with Smart board technology and wireless internet access. The current enrollment includes more than 1,200 students. Facilities are in high demand for rental by the community. Parents are very involved in the academic and extracurricular programs, PTSA, and School Advisory Council.[1] The school hosts five career academies: The Academy of Finance, the Academy of Information Technology, Academy of Health Sciences, Academy of Arts and Academy of Biotechnology. Faculty are proud of their developing ACE program, which includes an internship in a school based print shop. In addition, the school offers a strong Air Force JROTC program for those possibly considering a military career. Falcon High School is dedicated to the professional learning community model for high achievement for all students. It offers 20 advanced placement and CU Succeed classes to challenge students; the newest course is AP computer science. Faculty members are committed to their response-to-intervention process. To that end, after-school tutoring is available and coteaching in math, social studies, science and English. The special education and resource programs are inclusive by nature, while mild to severe needs programs are center based.

Falcon Middle School[edit]

Falcon Middle School

Falcon Middle School is located at 9755 Towner Avenue in Peyton, previously the location of Falcon High School. Firebird Nation is a place where everyone belongs by focusing on the individuality of each student. Falcon Middle School believes in the middle school team concept, where everyone works together to help every student be successful and realize or maximize their potential. Faculty believe in the Positive Behavior Intervention System and pride themselves in promoting and recognizing positive behaviors both in academics and behavior. The school includes many resources to assist students, including the Student Achievement Center, co-taught classes and tutoring. It offers an intervention/enrichment period that provides enriched learning activities. Students also create projects using a combination of computers and machine tools in the gateway to technology elective class. There are also a variety of 2-D and 3-D art classes to enhance the creative side of students.

Falcon Elementary School of Technology[edit]

Built in 1981, Falcon Elementary School of Technology is located at 12050 Falcon Highway in Peyton. It has a welcoming environment, large classrooms and 21st century technologies throughout the school. In 2005, the Board of Education approved it as a technology focused school. In 2007, a Head Start preschool program was added. Falcon Elementary School of Technology has a caring, knowledgeable staff that works hard to determine the needs of every child, and to differentiate instruction based on those needs. Every grade level has a literacy block to focus on reading and writing skills, and all staff use the enVisionMath program to help each child build their mathematical skills. Science and social studies are also included in daily instruction. Students participate in daily specials (i.e. physical education, art and music). A literacy interventionist co-teaches with teachers and works with small groups of students to fill in any gaps in learning. The school offers tutoring to help students who need academic support and implements the Positive Behavior Support program. The focus is proactive rather than reactive, recognizing excellence in students’ behavior by catching students following three R’s: respect, responsibility and right choices. The Falcon Elementary School of Technology is an iPad school, which means it uses a one-to-one distribution of iPads for students in grades 3-5 and one-to-three for students in grades K-2. The school has an LCD projector and SMART Board in every classroom, one computer lab and two mobile laptop carts available for checkout by teachers. It includes two sets of classroom response systems available for teacher and student use.

Meridian Ranch International Elementary School[edit]

Meridian Ranch International Elementary School, located at 10480 Rainbow Bridge Drive in Peyton, has excellent teachers averaging nine years in education with many having earned their master’s degree. At Meridian Ranch International Elementary School, all students receive academic and social instruction that encourages and supports a love for learning while mastering grade level content standards. The collective commitment provides a relentless focus on learning while ensuring success for all students. Faculty members encourage and embrace parent and community engagement, as they strive to create a learning community where all members are dedicated to fulfilling the school's mission. The Colorado Model Content Standards serve as the foundation for the instructional program. The school provides differentiated instruction using a variety of research-based programs. It incorporates inquiry based instruction, technology integration and student participation in the arts and physical education.

Woodmen Hills Elementary School[edit]

Woodmen Hills Elementary School, located at 8308 Del Rio Road in Peyton, is in its 13th year of existence with an enrollment of more than 700 students, pre-school through fifth grade. The staff and community are proud of the fact that this large school has an overwhelming "small school" sense and feel about it. The teachers and students embrace new technology, engaging all learners with a Promethean Board or SMARTboard in every classroom. Woodmen Hills Elementary School has adopted Layers of Success, a new writing method, which is a building-wide emphasis on instructional strategies focused on generating strong ideas, vocabulary and challenging every child. Layers of Success is highly engaging and is embedded across all content areas. It's a Positive Behavior Support school, which teaches school-wide behavioral skills directly. Similar to academic skills, these social behaviors are taught, reviewed and re-taught as necessary. This maximizes academic engagement and student success, while providing instructional support.

POWER Zone[edit]

POWER Zone's educators and support staff are dedicated to facilitating a mission focused on purposeful risk, ownership of learning, whole child-student concept, engaging inquiry and respectful relationships (POWER). Their values involve climbing with confidence where everyone has permission to fail and try new ideas. The zone is creating a loyalty effect, where working together to solve problems helps everyone succeed. The zone strives to treat everyone as the most important person, ensuring a positive culture. A focus on community service ensures the community support in critical times. A family-first focus for a well-rounded life helps each student’s family enjoy each other, increasing academic productivity. The schools are dedicated to respectful relationships. Teachers are given autonomy to teach and through the proposal process, anyone can bring ideas to the entire zone community for approval and implementation. All suggestions are considered with respect. The zone's administration believes in innovative change in education with comprehensive engagement, so all seek mastery.

Vista Ridge High School[edit]

Vista Ridge High School, located at 6888 Black Forest Road in Colorado Springs, is home to the Wolves. It's the newest high school in District 49. As a comprehensive, student focused high school, the Project Lead the Way Engineering Academy is the hallmark of its science, technology, engineering and math program, which includes an all female engineering class. The school takes student success seriously. A large portion of the school's students are involved in high academic rigor, with many taking pre-Advanced Placement and advanced placement classes. AP and pre-AP course offerings start as early as freshman year with expanded opportunities junior and senior years. There are AP courses in all four core subject areas as well as the art department.

Skyview Middle School[edit]

POWER Zone’s middle school, located at 6350 Windom Peak Boulevard in Colorado Springs, is an exciting learning environment that supports the POWER Zone mission and values. Skyview Middle School includes many opportunities for students to take power over their learning while promoting middle school excellence. The staff provides a science, technology, engineering and math educational focus using a highly engaging curriculum, inquiry learning, and a 21st century building. At Skyview Middle School, students are encouraged and supported in multiple avenues of technology access. Opportunities are available for interactive learning providing students and teachers with Smart Board technology and interdisciplinary units in the classroom. Some also participate in the a one-to-one tablet program using iPads as interactive learning tools. A new math program is aligned with common core math standards creating a more rigorous program of study. Students also participate in Challenger Mission Science Expeditions and innovative field trips. Teachers in varying content areas make real world connections, for example, correlating history lessons with discussions of current events and showcasing their findings by creating online digital posters using Glogster. Students explore different cultures by creating Greek masks and writing their own myths. Hands on adventures in cartography, puppetry, designing graphic novels and creating art using math skills incorporates interdisciplinary learning skills. Skyview Middle School has many activities for students including robotics, engineering, theater, music and athletic programs.

Odyssey Elementary School[edit]

Odyssey Elementary School

Odyssey Elementary School, located at 6275 Bridlespur Avenue in Colorado Springs, opened eight years ago as a science and math focus school with a space emphasis. The school's focus has shifted to include engineering and technology, as it becomes a distinct science, technology, engineering and math elementary school. The educators strive to be not only a STEM focused school, but also a neighborhood school that serves as a hub for its community. The school is one of the founding Positive Behavior Support schools in the district, making it a priority to ensure and sustain a positive and safe culture. Its students know what it means to be safe, trustworthy, accountable, respectful successful through the STARS program. Faculty added to this belief by embracing the Capturing Kids’ Hearts philosophy. The highly individualized curriculum leverages the strengths of all students, while challenging them to achieve. An integrated approach to teaching the curriculum helps students see the relationships in their learning in all subjects.

Ridgeview Elementary School[edit]

Ridgeview Elementary School, located at 6573 Shimmering Creek Drive in Colorado Springs, opened in the fall of 2002. With innovative curricula design, students have discovered increased opportunities in the arts, technology and hands-on science. These are areas of focus that staff members identified as important in fostering creativity and student engagement. They offer students assemblies and schoolwide theme days. With a focus on a strong elementary core curriculum that includes a firm foundation in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, music and physical education, staff members strive to meet the needs of the well-rounded student. Teachers empower students to be effective problem solvers and critical thinkers across all content areas. They differentiate instruction through small group reading, writing and math, providing individualized education. The school prioritizing the need to engage students, staff, parents and all community members at high levels and promote innovative thinking among the entire school community. Ridgeview Elementary School serves a diverse community of students that include preschool through fifth grade. It's home to two preschool classrooms, and a growing number of English Language Learners from a variety of language backgrounds. Educators support students with various learning challenges and strengths. In addition to supporting at-risk students, staff members provide support for advanced learners, ensuring all students are pushed to their fullest potential. Staff members ensure student learning is done in a safe and welcoming environment. Through professional development, collaborative communications and strong relationships, teachers use data and research-based practices to ensure each child’s academic and emotional success.

Stetson Elementary School[edit]

Stetson Elementary School, located at 4910 Jedediah Smith Road, opened in 1987. It's known as a high-achieving, traditional, neighborhood school with a warm, friendly and safe atmosphere. The school's main objective is to support students toward their highest learning potential by offering various opportunities that produce well-rounded individuals who are prepared academically, socially and emotionally for life. We aim to instill the love of learning in students. A highly-experienced faculty communicates regularly with parents, partnering in support for students. Positive Behavior Support, Love and Logic, as well as Capturing Kids Hearts strategies are used together to ensure a positive and fun environment that is conducive to learning. Dedicated teachers engage in a variety of activities to improve their professional practice and raise achievement for all students. The school's administration conducts regular staff development and book studies to ensure continuing high levels of student achievement, using research-based best practices. Expert staff supplements district-provided core curriculum to differentiate for various student needs. The school offers Study Island, a web-based program that is used during the school day and as homework. It benefits from an iPad program that is growing rapidly in 5th grade and educators are considering starting another iPad-enhanced class. Technology is a standard at the school. It maintains three computer labs and provides interactive whiteboards in all classrooms. Students use hand held responders to respond to content and this allows real time formative assessment. A dedicated science lab is used consistently, available for all grades. The school offers physical education, music and 21st century skills.

Sand Creek Zone[edit]

Based on Sand Creek Zones outlined goals, all schools will continuously strive for increased student achievement as measured by international, national, state and local standards; all students will attend schools comprised of high performing, collaborative teams of educators; and through a consistent process of innovation, the zone will engage its community. Three of the schools, Evans International Elementary School, Horizon Middle School and Sand Creek High School, encompass the only K-12 International Baccalaureate feeder system in eastern Colorado Springs. As an internationally accredited, rigorous and engaging educational program, the International Baccalaureate is a large part of the zone's identity. All of its schools, including Springs Ranch Elementary School and Remington Elementary School, offer a first class education for students with diverse interests and needs, and each extends sound, research-based educational services to each student. As a result, educators value and expect beneficial engagement among all students. They offer gifted and talented services, performing and visual arts, full-day kindergarten at no cost to families (Springs Ranch Elementary School and Evans International Elementary School), and a wealth of extra-curricular activities for students at all levels.

Sand Creek High School[edit]

Sand Creek High School

Sand Creek High School, located at 7005 North Carefree Circle in Colorado Springs, excels at the mission of all schools within the Sand Creek Zone: inspire caring, competent, critical thinkers who are well-prepared, productive citizens in a global society. Sand Creek High School is a comprehensive International Baccalaureate World School offering an IB Middle Years Program that includes all 9th and 10th graders and that offers a choice for high achieving students to culminate in the IB Diploma Program at the 11th and 12th grades. IB has an acclaimed academic philosophy and curricular program. Its worldwide recognition for rigorous and relevant teaching and learning practices supports the development of students and teachers as productive global citizens. To encourage this development, IB schools around the world focus on the learner profile to teach them to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, communicators, balanced and reflective. The curriculum of the IB Middle Years Program focuses on eight academic subjects: math, science, language arts (English), humanities, language B (Spanish or French), technology, arts and physical education. The capstone of the program is the personal project, an inquiry-based project designed by the student in the 10th grade. The fundamental concepts of MYP: holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication.

The IB diploma program is a challenging two-year curriculum for juniors and seniors comprised of six core subject areas. Most courses are two years in duration where students sit for internally and externally assessed examinations. The program culminates in a diploma awarded concurrently with the Sand Creek High School diploma, which is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities. The diploma program prepares students for the rigors of university and encourages them to ask challenging questions, learn how to learn, create a strong sense of their own identity and culture, and to develop the ability to communicate with and understand people from other countries and cultures. It features three additional areas of concentration: theory of knowledge, creativity, action, service and extended essay.

Horizon Middle School[edit]

Horizon Middle School, located at 1750 Piros Drive in Colorado Springs, is a student-centered, community service-oriented school with a committed staff that keeps high expectations for all students. It's an authorized International Baccalaureate school. Staff members use Positive Behavior Support to promote positive, proactive student and staff relationships. They also implement timely response-to-interventions to help students be as successful as possible. Horizon Middle School is in its fifth year as an International Baccalaureate school. The goal of IB is to promote academic rigor and to teach students to look at the global perspective and to evaluate and communicate effectively. The program is centered on eight core subject groups that are related to the five areas of Interaction. Educators are committed to the rigor and quality offered through the IB program that will result in a well-rounded education for every student. All students are required to participate in 50 hours of technology, performing arts, physical education and Spanish or French. Students may receive additional literacy and math support through intervention classes and after-school programs designed to support academic needs. The school also offers study hall time during the day and after-school study hall for students needing additional time and assistance.

Evans International Elementary School[edit]

Evans International Elementary School, located at 1675 Winnebago Road in Colorado Springs, is the only elementary school in District 49 to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program and its educators continue to strengthen the program through rigorous training and reflection. The PYP curriculum focuses on inquiry based teaching and concepts with local and global significance. PYP develops essential skills, such as research, communication and social skills. The curriculum fosters positive attitudes such as tolerance, respect and responsibility. IB provides a framework for teaching focusing on best practices and inquiry, used to meet district and state standards. Educators believe that inquiry-based learning increases student engagement and motivation. Through PYP, teachers are receiving continuous training to learn how to plan and teach trans disciplinary lessons that support other programs already in place. The PYP program places an emphasis on educating the whole child. With that, educators integrate music, physical education, art, technology and Spanish classes into grade level appropriate units and instruction. They also offer classes in special education, English Language Development, classroom guidance and media.

All reading, writing and math instruction is differentiated within the regular classroom to ensure students receive explicit instruction in the skills they need at their level. Reading and writing instruction is delivered in a small group setting through the Every Child a Reader and Every Child a Writer programs. With the professional learning community model, staff members continually work to plan reading, writing and math instruction aligned to the state standards, using the best resources possible.

Remington Elementary School[edit]

Opening its doors in 1996, the Remington Elementary School community is dedicated to cultivating the uniqueness of each child to reach their fullest potential by providing an equitable and inclusive atmosphere. The school, located at 2825 Pony Tracks Drive in Colorado Springs, takes pride in the culture its built over the years, which is based on communication, collaboration and respect for all students, parents and staff. It's a professional learning community. Administration and grade level teams meet weekly to analyze data, to discuss student achievement and needs, and to ensure educators are meeting the goals of its unified improvement plan. Remington Elementary School has consistently scored "high" in overall performance on the Colorado Department of Education school accountability report, showing academic achievement is a high priority. Remington Elementary School is a Positive Behavior Support school in which educators are focused on recognizing students both behaviorally and academically. They believe students strive to do their best when they are in an environment where they feel safe and supported. The motto is "To be Respectful, Responsible and Safe; Remington Mustangs are First in Pride!"

Springs Ranch Elementary School[edit]

Springs Ranch Elementary School, located at 4350 Centerville Drive in Colorado Springs, was established in 2001. It is a comprehensive neighborhood school that is student-focused, offering a strong academic foundation and well-rounded program of enrichment opportunities and character development. Springs Ranch Elementary School has a staff committed to student achievement and the development of the whole child. They emphasize the literary arts of reading, writing and speaking, but also help students excel in the math, science and social studies areas. Educators work in collaborative teams to deliver the best foundational academics in each of the subject areas. They offer specials that enhance and enrich student learning in music, art, physical education, informational literacy and technology. They also offer differentiated curriculum for students who excel academically and special education services for those who need these supports. The school has a strong component of character education emphasizing respect, responsibility and safety and a rich menu of afterschool enrichment opportunities.

iConnect Zone[edit]

The iConnect Zone has reinvented educational environments that inspire individuals’ peak potential. In iConnect, faculty interconnect effective educational systems, which inspire individuals to their learning potential, investigate and implement best educational practices that lead students to success, invest in students by challenging and developing citizens that compete in a global society, invent settings and systems that empower individuals’ learning, leadership and life. The zone strives to inspire individuals with meaningful challenges and surround them with nurturing support to achieve ambitious goals.

Banning Lewis Ranch Academy[edit]

Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, located at 7094 Cottonwood Tree Drive in Colorado Springs, is a free, dynamic K-8 school dedicated to providing a rich college-prep program in a safe, positive environment. As a public charter school, Banning Lewis Ranch Academy fosters intellectual curiosity and a thirst for discovery, while embracing traditional values as the cornerstone of a distinguished education. The school defines itself as “champions of tradition and innovative education.” Paragon (K-5) and Paragon Humanities (6-8) provides students with an integrated study of the social sciences and great ideas in world culture. Paragon’s fully integrated (arts, drama, technology and music), chronological approach demonstrates to students how one idea builds upon another as cultures develop and spread. Banning Lewis Ranch Academy has a variety of enrichment courses including physical education, Spanish, art and music for all students. The school offers a diverse gifted and talented Program and District 49 provides special education services. Kindergarten is a full day tuition free program at the academy. Smart Board technology is used in all classrooms and web-based practice and assessment tools-integrated with Colorado Academic Standards-are fully implemented throughout all grades. Computers are used by students in every classroom and several mobile labs are available.

Falcon Homeschool Program[edit]

The Falcon Homeschool Program serves homeschooled students ranging from K-12th grade in the Pike’s Peak region. Students in K-8th grade have the opportunity to participate in enrichment classes in which thematic social studies and science topics are the main curricular focus. The program shifts to include math and English for those in 6th-12th grade in the academic program. Due to the differences between the expectations and approaches between these two programs, each is their own entity under the overarching umbrella of the Falcon Homeschool Program. While separate programs, the school shares the common mission of providing resources and academically engaging, friendship-building opportunities to homeschooled students in a nurturing and respectful environment.

Falcon Virtual Academy[edit]

Falcon Virtual Academy

Falcon Virtual Academy offers the only K-12 blended-learning school in District 49. The academy is located at 6113 Constitution Avenue in Colorado Springs, where students benefit from a 21,000 square foot, state of the art building, sometimes referred to as a “Google meets Starbucks” environment. Curriculum is designed to be rigorous, relevant and personalized to meet the needs of all learners. Falcon Virtual Academy is a multidistrict school providing online educational opportunities for students across Colorado. The school uses the K12 curriculum for students in grades K-6, which is a core knowledge focus and requires a full-time parent-learning coach at home. Students in grades 7-12 use the Aventa curriculum, a K12 product that features a college prep curriculum with authentic learning opportunities. The blended learning facility offers students and their families an engaging environment. They can take advantage of face-to-face direct instruction and tutoring from certified teachers, experiential project-based learning course work combined with flexible virtual options and concurrent enrollment opportunities with Pikes Peak Community College for 9-12th graders. Falcon Virtual Academy believes that the relationship between school, students and families is paramount to a successful education experience. Families are welcome to tour the school and actively participate in each student’s academic journey. The virtual academy provides a variety of community events that foster socialization, collaboration and academic achievement to prepare students for success in the 21st century.

GOAL Academy[edit]

GOAL Academy, based at 107 W. 11th Street in Pueblo, is a blended online charter high school serving more than 3,000 students throughout Colorado. GOAL Academy is designated as an alternative education campus by the Colorado Department of Education, meaning that at least 95 percent of GOAL Academy’s students meet one or more of 14 high-risk criteria, such as prior dropout, teen parent, history of gang involvement, adjudicated youth and homelessness. GOAL Academy is considered an online school because the curriculum is delivered primarily online. Students in need are issued a laptop with a 3G card and a Sprint or T-Mobile account to enable them to connect online anywhere they have a cellphone signal. However, regular contact between a student and staff is a critical component of the program. GOAL Academy operates 24 student support centers at sites across Colorado, ranging from urban centers like Denver, Greeley, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Grand Junction to small rural towns like Craig, Pagosa Springs, La Junta, Trinidad and Alamosa. The academic team in each area works from the student support center. The academic team consists of an academic director, academic coaches, academic specialists, individual career & academic plan specialist, english language learner coaches, exceptional student service coaches and a site coordinator. The students can also drop-in for reliable connectivity, technical support and a quiet safe place to work on their schoolwork.

Imagine Indigo Ranch[edit]

Imagine Indigo Ranch, located at 6464 Peterson Road in Colorado Springs, is a charter school authorized by District 49 in 2007. The preK-8 charter school opened in fall 2008. The school is housed in a facility that is approximately 47,758 square feet, located at the intersection of Dublin Boulevard and Peterson Road. The building is two stories and complies in all areas with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The public school charter uses a standards-based curriculum incorporating the Colorado standards, the core knowledge scope and sequence and the classical approach. Its educators follow the core knowledge scope and sequence preschool through eighth grade. Students take Latin in grades sixth, seventh and eighth. The school is project-oriented at all levels, which enhances the mastery of core knowledge content. The Saxon math curriculum is advanced one year for all grade levels. Teachers are all highly qualified and deliver an exceptional education to each student based upon their needs. Student life at Imagine Indigo Ranch is not just about academics. Faculty educate the whole child by placing a strong emphasis on positive character development. Each month they focus on one core virtue. All of the core virtues are integrated and embedded into everything the school accomplishes. An equal emphasis on a strong character education program compliments the academic program and stresses character development and responsibility. Faculty members believe that students with great character make not just great students, but great citizens, too.

Patriot Learning Center[edit]

Patriot Learning Center, located at 11990 Swingline NE Road in Peyton, is a 6-12 middle and high School in an alternative setting, now in its fourth year. Educators facilitate a diverse, supportive and respectful community that combines the creativity and commitment of students, teachers and parents with lessons learned within their environment. Patriot Learning Center is a public school, however there is an application process for admission. In middle school, faculty members stress academics and affective education along with community service. In high school, they focus on credit recovery and graduating students. In both settings, they strive to create an environment where all students want to be in school and succeed. The school also has a night school campus for high school students from 4-9 p.m., Monday through Thursday. It benefits from an experienced staff of career teachers. There are currently four core teachers in the high school and two teachers in the technology field. The school has four core teachers in the middle school, as well as a physical education and health teacher. Homework is only assigned as needed, and class sizes are rarely larger than 15 students. There are no lockers. The school uses online education in the high school, as well as direct classroom instruction with an emphasis on mastery learning. The school combines small classes, online resources, core curriculum, experienced licensed staff, independent study, work study for credit, job placement, counseling, elective credits, personal and close communication, personalized attention and an open-door policy. Patriot Learning Center is a choice enrollment school. Students are chosen through the combined input of parents, the referring school, and the teachers and administration at Patriot Learning Center. They are admitted on a needs and numbers basis, with the final decision coming from Patriot Learning Center. If students do not take advantage of the center's unique opportunities, they will be sent back to their home schools, and other students will be admitted. In the high school setting, all students are required to pass the GENESIS program or they will not be admitted into the school. The program is designed to help students be successful in social settings. Educators concentrate on affective needs to help ensure improvements in student behavior. The school also offers a GED prep program and testing facility for students 17 years of age and older. Classes are evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning[edit]

Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning, located at 11925 Antler’s Ridge Road in Peyton, was the first school chartered in District 49. The school opened in 2000 with just one class of preschool students and has grown to a capacity of 380 students from preschool to 8th grade. Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning has small class sizes, generally ranging from 18-22 students so that students are able to receive individual attention and small group teaching. Students are challenged at their ability level with hands-on activities and in-depth studies as their curriculum. Students dive into the work of real scientists and historians to become experts in their learning topic. Compassion, respect, integrity, self-discipline and craftsmanship—These are the character traits taught at Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning. These character traits are one reason that parents and students love the school. Being in school is a pleasure and everyone is made to feel like they belong. The school hasn’t forgotten why character is important. Educators strive to be examples of good character. Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning is part of the Expeditionary Schools Network, based on research from Harvard University. Students participate in expeditions, or in-depth, semester long studies. During the expeditions, students ask powerful questions and become true experts because of the depth of their studies. They work on projects with a real world audience and purpose.

Rocky Mountain Classical Academy[edit]

Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, located at 1710 Piros Drive in Colorado Springs, opened its doors in August 2006 and exists to support parents in developing citizens of integrity and character who are equipped with a strong knowledge base and academic skills. The school prides itself in high rigorous standards for all students in the academy and maximum learning opportunities for all enrolled students through the solid, sequenced, and specific curriculum of the core knowledge program. Educators provide opportunity for the students to apply analytical thinking skills, built upon a solid foundation of knowledge by using instruction in logic, rhetoric and inductive reasoning. The school uses core knowledge curriculum in kindergarten through 8th grade. Because it offers a coherent plan that builds year-by-year, it helps prevent the many repetitions and gaps in instruction that can result from open-ended curricular guidelines. In addition to the core knowledge sequence, the curriculum is enriched and enhanced with textbooks, literature, logic, rhetoric, music and art history, writing, Spanish and health instruction. Intensive, systematic phonics will be issued to teach beginning reading, with the goal of having students read literature as quickly as possible. Students begin learning Latin in third grade to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the English language.

Valiant Academy[edit]

Valiant Academy’s mission is to provide students with rigorous and relevant academic and workplace skills in order to prepare students for a rewarding future in our increasingly multicultural society and global economy. Teachers work with students on specific, real-world projects to develop analytical thinking and technical skills, and to foster each student’s sense of accomplishment. Class sizes are small, with a preferred student/teacher ratio of 20 students to 1 classroom teacher in the primary setting and 25 students to 1 classroom teacher in the secondary setting. Teachers work in cross-disciplinary teams to increase the integration and depth of subject matter, as well as to increase the communication between instructors and students.


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