GOAL Academy

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GOAL Academy
District Falcon School District 49
Zone iConnect Zone
Coordinates 38° 16' 39.63", -104° 36' 27.414"
Address 107 W. 11th Street
City Pueblo
State Colorado
Phone 877-776-4625
School Information
Type alternative school
Charter Yes
Principal Kenneth Crowell
Asst. Principal
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 3,149 (2013-2014)
Website http://www.goalac.org/

GOAL Academy, based at 107 W. 11th Street in Pueblo, is a blended online charter high school in iConnect Zone serving 3,149 students throughout Colorado. GOAL Academy is designated as an alternative education campus by the Colorado Department of Education, meaning that at least 95 percent of GOAL Academy’s students meet one or more of 14 high-risk criteria, such as prior dropout, teen parent, history of gang involvement, adjudicated youth and homelessness. GOAL Academy operates 24 student support centers at sites across Colorado, ranging from urban centers like Denver, Greeley, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Grand Junction to small rural towns like Craig, Pagosa Springs, La Junta, Trinidad and Alamosa. The academic team in each area works from the student support center.[1]


GOAL Academy is considered an online school because the curriculum is delivered primarily online. Students in need are issued a laptop with a 3G card and a Sprint or T-Mobile account to enable them to connect online anywhere they have a cellphone signal. However, regular contact between a student and staff is a critical component of the program. The academic team consists of an academic director, academic coaches, academic specialists, individual career and academic plan specialist, english language learner coaches, exceptional student service coaches and a site coordinator. The students can also drop-in for reliable connectivity, technical support and a quiet safe place to work on their schoolwork.

Academic coaches have regular direct communication (face-to-face, phone, text, email) with each of their students. Daily communication is the norm with most students, especially those who need the extra support or oversight to keep them on track in their coursework. The coach’s involvement goes well beyond academics. Coaches attend court hearings and meetings with probation or parole officers of students in the justice system. Coaches meet students where they work or make home visits to help keep parents, guardians and other family members involved in the education process. Coaches work closely with the ICAP specialists to design an education program that meets students’ individual needs as well as life and career goals. The academic team is generally available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.


In addition to rigorous, individualized, mastery-based online curricula, GOAL Academy strives to provide a well-rounded education through several supplemental programs, including concurrent college enrollment, career and technical education, experiential learning opportunities, as well as National Honor Society, Student Council, Chess Club, Junior Achievement, Los Comprometidos, photography club and others.


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