English II

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English II
Content area language arts"Language arts" is not in the list of possible values (English-Language Arts, Visual and Performing Arts, History and Social Studies, Physical and Health Education, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Business, World Languages, Career Technical Education, English Language Development) for this property.
Type classroom learning
Grade 10th grade
School Vista Ridge High School, Sand Creek High School, Falcon High School
Length year
Credits 1 credit
Prerequisite none
Fee No cost

English II offers a balanced focus on composition, speaking, language and literature. Students will learn how to produce complex and nuanced writing by using technological strategies when creating, refining and collaborating on writing. Through the study of high quality contemporary works of literature, students will improve their reading rate and comprehension and develop the skills to determine the author’s intent and theme and to recognize the techniques used by the author to deliver his or her message. Students must pass both semesters of this course in order to fulfill graduation requirements.