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The Academy of Health Sciences at Falcon High School in Falcon School District 49 is a four-year program designed to introduce students to a variety of health career professions. The academy strives to ensure a smooth transition from high school education into meaningful healthcare industry-related employment or related post-secondary education. Several AOHS courses offer college credit through an agreement with Pikes Peak Community College. A student taking such courses is eligible to earn 23 college credits through the college (courses are designated below with an asterisk).

There are three AOHS registered nurse vocational health instructors. Connie Michaels-Lipp has a clinical background in behavioral health, chemical dependency treatment and school nursing, along with acute care quality assurance and utilization review. She serves as the Academy of Health Sciences program coordinator. Michaels-Lipp is also a Pikes Peak Community College nursing adjunct instructor and CNA coordinator for the Pikes Peak Community College Falcon Nurse Aide Program. The other AOHS instructors are Rachel Lamb, who has clinical experience in oncology, intensive and coronary care and school nursing; Jillian Mazzagetti is a registered Nurse with a background in cardiology, pediatrics, nursery, obstetrics and gynecology and Department of Corrections. The emergency services courses are taught by our Pikes Peak Community College instructor, Jackie Yeager.

Entrance to the Academy of Health Sciences is available to 9th-12th graders. Special arrangements may be made for those students entering the academy after their freshman year. AOHS students attend Falcon High School on a full-time basis. Students residing outside the Falcon High School neighborhood feeder system may request to choice into the school by completing a school of choice application. Questions can be addressed to Michaels-Lipp at or 719-495-1149, extension 2053.


9th Grade
Health Careers (semester)
10th Grade
Health II (year long) - prerequisite course for CNA, EMR, EMT
11th Grade
Medical Terminology (semester) - prerequisite course for CNA, EMR, EMT
Ethical and Legal Issues in Health (semester)
Nursing Assistant (CNA) (semester)
Nursing Assistant Clinical (completed during the summer)
EMS First Responder (semester) - prerequisite for EMT
Pathophysiology (semester)
Athletic Training (semester)
Health Information Technology (semester)
12th Grade
EMT (year long)
EMT Clinicals

Other classes to consider[edit]

Anatomy and Physiology (year long)
Biotechnology (semester)
Forensic Science (semester)
Chemistry (semester)


AOHS educators encourage and assist students in arranging volunteer, internship, and job-shadowing opportunities to enhance their learning regarding the healthcare professions. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the extracurricular student organization HOSA-Future Health Professionals. Falcon HOSA has two very active chapters that have been successful at the national competitive level in recent years. HOSA is a valuable resource for students interested in out-of-classroom learning experiences. More information is available at