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|School type=primary school,
|School type=primary school,
|Principal=Nori Madrigal
|Principal=Nori Madrigal

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Valiant Academy
District Falcon School District 49
Zone iConnect Zone
Coordinates 38° 51' 28.0728", -104° 41' 58.1388"
Address 6915 Palmer Park Boulevard
City Colorado Springs
State Colorado
Phone New
School Information
Type primary school
Charter Yes
Established 2015
Principal Nori Madrigal
Asst. Principal
Grades K-7
Website http://valiantacademy.org

Valiant Academy in iConnect Zone has a mission to provide students with rigorous and relevant academic and workplace skills in order to prepare students for a rewarding future in our increasingly multicultural society and global economy. Teachers work with students on specific, real-world projects to develop analytical thinking and technical skills, and to foster each student’s sense of accomplishment. Class sizes are small, with a preferred student/teacher ratio of 20 students to 1 classroom teacher in the primary setting and 25 students to 1 classroom teacher in the secondary setting. Teachers work in cross-disciplinary teams to increase the integration and depth of subject matter, as well as to increase the communication between instructors and students.


The school’s project-based learning approach is the key to its success in serving a diverse population of students. The School’s students become active participants in their learning and are required to publicly demonstrate their learning through presentations and portfolios, introducing an additional, and arguably more authentic, element of accountability for quality work. The School works diligently to provide exemplars of outstanding project-based instruction to its teachers so that all teachers may achieve base mastery in Valiant Academy teaching practices.

Valiant Academy course requirements will meet state standards. The school will offer, at minimum, the same number of minutes of instruction and days of instruction as required by law. The school’s teacher’s work in teams to create curriculum that is integrated across subjects and aligned with Colorado’s Academic Content Standards. The guiding pedagogy at the School is project-based learning, an approach which transforms teaching from “teachers telling” to “students doing.” More specifically, project-based learning can be defined as:

  • A strategy that recognizes that significant learning taps students’ inherent drive to learn, capability to do work, and need to be taken seriously.
  • Engaging learning experiences that involve students in complex, real-world projects through which they develop and apply skills and knowledge.
  • Learning in which curricular outcomes can be identified up front, but in which the outcomes of the student’s learning process are neither predetermined nor fully predictable.
  • Learning that requires students to draw from many information sources and disciplines in order to solve problems.
  • Experiences through which students learn to manage and allocate resources such as time and materials.