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| {{#ask:[[Category:Schools]][[In zone::Sand Creek Zone]]
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| ?Located at = Address
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| ?Has principal = Principal
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Based on Sand Creek Zones outlined goals, all schools will continuously strive for increased student achievement as measured by international, national, state and local standards; all students will attend schools comprised of high performing, collaborative teams of educators; and through a consistent process of innovation, the zone will engage its community. Three of the schools, Evans International Elementary School, Horizon Middle School and Sand Creek High School, encompass the only K-12 International Baccalaureate feeder system in eastern Colorado Springs. As an internationally accredited, rigorous and engaging educational program, the International Baccalaureate is a large part of the zone's identity. All of its schools, including Springs Ranch Elementary School and Remington Elementary School, offer a first class education for students with diverse interests and needs, and each extends sound, research-based educational services to each student. As a result, educators value and expect beneficial engagement among all students. They offer gifted and talented services, performing and visual arts, full-day kindergarten at no cost to families (Springs Ranch Elementary School and Evans International Elementary School), and a wealth of extra-curricular activities for students at all levels.[1]


Evans International Elementary School1675 Winnebago RoadMichelle Slyter719-495-5299http://evans.d49.org
Horizon Middle School1750 Piros DriveGregory Moles719-495-5210http://horizon.d49.org
Remington Elementary School2825 Pony Tracks DriveMark Brown719-495-5266http://remington.d49.org
Sand Creek High School7005 North Carefree CircleRon Hamilton719-495-1160http://sandcreek.d49.org
Springs Ranch Elementary School4350 Centerville DriveKim Mariotti719-494-8600http://springsranch.d49.org
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  1. "Enrollment Guide 2014-2015." D49.org. Falcon School District 49, 7 Mar 2014. Web. 7 Mar 2014. <http://d49.org/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/2198345/File/Central%20Enrollment/2014Enrollmentguide.pdf>.