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Peyton is a census-designated place and a U.S. Post Office in El Paso County. The population as of the 2010 U.S. Census was 250.[1] The nearby unincorporated area of Falcon also uses zip code 80831.[2] Peyton and towns such as Calhan, Ramah, Simla, and Matheson straddle U.S. Highway 24 between Colorado Springs and Limon, where US 24 intersects with Interstate 70.

Students are served by Peyton School District 23JT in the Peyton area and by Falcon School District 49 in the Falcon area and nearby areas of Colorado Springs. Falcon is a geographical area of El Paso County, not a city. Peyton is also in an unincorporated part of El Paso County, but it has a post office, so it's correct to say District 49's central office is in Peyton, since that's where the district gets mail.


Among the first settlers of Peyton were James and Susan McDermott. With the coming of the Rock Island Railroad they settled in Calhan in 1888 and in 1890 moved to Peyton where Mr. McDermott ran a general store for 25 years. The store and their house were for years the only substantial buildings of their kind in the area and served the needs of travelers.[3]


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