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District 49's Strategic Plan: 5 Big Rocks
Falcon School District 49's mission is to prepare students, in a safe and caring environment, to be successful, competent and productive citizens in a global society. The district strives to be a place of opportunity and specialized education for every child. It builds curriculum with the mission to not only graduate all students, but to fully prepare them for success in college and careers after their time in the district is done.

District 49 has applied the Big Rocks metaphor in its strategic plan, which provides unified vision, goals and strategies to prepare students to achieve like never before. These strategic initiatives represents the district’s commitment to its community. District 49 will use these five rocks as the foundation for building an excellent future with its staff, students and greater community. The fundamental bedrock is re-establishing District 49 as a trustworthy recipient of taxpayer investment. The district will engage with its community. It will strive to be the best district to learn, work and lead. District 49 will create a robust portfolio of distinct and exceptional schools. District 49 will ensure educational experiences are individualized, capable of launching every student toward success.

About District 49

District 49 spans 133 square miles of urban and rural areas in Colorado, covering northeast Colorado Springs and the Falcon area of El Paso County. As the fastest growing school district in the Pikes Peak region, it's currently serving more than 19,000 students within a portfolio of schools.