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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20140321152033" timestamp="2014-03-21T15:20:33Z" ns="0" title="Collaborative learning" />
        <page value="20140321152724" timestamp="2014-03-21T15:27:24Z" ns="0" title="Professional learning community" />
        <page value="20140322175137" timestamp="2014-03-22T17:51:37Z" ns="0" title="CU Succeed" />
        <page value="20140322175654" timestamp="2014-03-22T17:56:54Z" ns="0" title="Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps" />
        <page value="20140322180614" timestamp="2014-03-22T18:06:14Z" ns="0" title="Link Crew" />
        <page value="20140322182038" timestamp="2014-03-22T18:20:38Z" ns="0" title="Parent-Teacher Association" />
        <page value="20140322183141" timestamp="2014-03-22T18:31:41Z" ns="0" title="Parent-Teacher Organization" />
        <page value="20140322184911" timestamp="2014-03-22T18:49:11Z" ns="0" title="Positive behavior support" />
        <page value="20140322192517" timestamp="2014-03-22T19:25:17Z" ns="0" title="IB Middle Years Program" />
        <page value="20140322192617" timestamp="2014-03-22T19:26:17Z" ns="0" title="International Baccalaureate" />