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Importance of smiling

Have you ever wondered why sometimes when you pick up women they are more responsive and open to you while other times they seem to be ignorant and blatantly showing their disinterest? Now this can be caused by several billions of reasons but the one and most important of them is facial expressiveness. Smiling and expressing your feelings while talking can rivet the flow of the interaction towards unexpected results. Not only when you pick up women or you’re flirting but also in all conversations facial expressiveness has a huge influence on how the listeners will perceive you stories. For example would you rather talk to a woman full of excitement and happiness or a woman hat just sits there with a face expressiveness in close competition to a smiley drawn on a stone? Of course if she’s a damn hottie you will pay more attention to other things rather than the above mentioned. This is somehow similar to girls being approached by high value men such as James Bond, anyhow ever noticed that even he is smiling from time to time? Personally I’ve always been a big fan of smiling when flirting. I think guys who look like they’re having a good time and having fun are going to be much more appealing to girls than those who don’t smile. Ever notice that guys that are good with girls smile a lot?First, it is the greatest asset we have because of the signals and messages it gives to others about who we are, what we want and how we wish to be. It is like a handy indicator to our mood and the type of disposition we have. Second, it immediately tells someone we are approachable, we want to share the moment with them and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It also tells the other person they are valued. Third, it is the biggest tool in interacting with strangers and making new friendships because we don’t have to say anything. A smile cuts across language and says it all while making us seem even more attractive. As a conclusion, smiling should be used along with other material usually performed when you pick up women, not saved for special moments, because it indicates your personality, the type of person you wish to be. Smiling is high value, relaxation, releasing expectations on the outcome. A smiling person lets the sunshine in and gives others permission to smile too, and there is nothing more empowering in our life. Smile and the world will smile back!