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I've desired a Concept 2 rower ever since I started CrossFit! When things began shutting down I knew it was time to get one. Rogue was backordered for quite awhile, but they came through for me. Fantastic price, shipping and customer service ! Thanks!

I really like that I can use it everywhere. To get a fast sprint for a couple of minutes or a long leisurely attraction, 30 to 40 minutes like I had been on a river. It is a fantastic workout for the whole body with zero effect. I am able to use the rower and my spouse could be asleep in another room undisturbed. I've recommended it to my friends. One has got hers and enjoys it and others are in your waiting list. Have the rower for a couple of months and can be used twice each day. It's ideal for our requirements and fits nicely with all the other physical fitness machines. It's smooth and solid. Extremely happy. Exercise outcomes are also listed readily. Got my concept 2 a month ago and was instantly impressed with how simple it was to build and also the build quality. It is just so straight forward and clean and strong. I can say this will last me a very long time. Oh and rowing it is really smooth. The screen is simple to use and see. In a nutshell, I really like this item. Smartest buy I ever made.